you better run, outrun my gun;
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Thump, thump, thump.

It was the only sound in the dense forest herself, Rick and Michonne were travelling through to get supplies on what Merle Dixon assured them were ‘a practical paradise away from paradise’ which could either mean two things in Andrea’s honest opinion. One was that it meant the place contained drugs or second it meant that the place had booze. Either way they had to take Merle’s word on it because despite everything they had accomplished with moving into a secure warehouse near the coast they were still running out of supplies.

Food wasn’t as bad any more considering they were near enough to the sea that they could fish for their dinner (she didn’t want to brag, but she was an expert when it came to fishing and her and Michonne had done a run on their own to go get the equipment needed) but things like ammo was quickly being shortened due to the amount of practice that they were each being put through.

Even Michonne was being put to the test, something that amused Andrea greatly considering the love the other woman had for her sword and how usually Michonne took out their enemies by her katana alone. It had also been somewhat a more prideful moment for Andrea in seeing the woman she loved try something new, it was probably a strange feeling to have considering the circumstances but she had them regardless.

Andrea stopped to let the other two past, holding back a branch for the other woman so that she could get through the trees without any trouble.  “After you.”

posted 05 Apr 2013 @ 21:53